Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE 2011!

Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve from BFF!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blogger Highlight: Marian Kihogo

In a gorgeous collection of killer runway fashions, luxurious beauty must-haves, and unique arts and music picks, Marian Kihogo has an eye for the beauty. She's not your typical fashion blogger; a member of the fashion industry, Kihogo is a stylist, contributing editor of PUSH IT Magazine, and creative consultant. 

With her background in the fashion arts industry, she brings an expert perspective to style and culture. Check out some of our favorite Marian Kihogo features:

Jeweled Jimmy Choo heels framed by an ornate gold trimmings for Kihogo's picks for the prettiest party shoes

Her playful "I'd Rather Be Wearing" segment displays her personal style picks

Number 14. Jackson Pollock, 1951.
"I could list a number [of] reasons why I like Pollock's abstract expressionist paintings but it is the simultaneous deliberate and intuitive expression that draws me time after time."
-Kihogo, on painter Jackson Pollock

A devout fan of Ladurée macaroons and candles

Life in a nail-polish-and-handbag nutshell!

Her zig-zag interlocking images mirror a major Spring/Summer 2011 trend: patchwork!

Marian Kihogo's attention to detail and extensive fashion coverage makes her blog a must-read for style mavens, culture and arts lovers, and runway fanatics!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Eve Fun Facts

With New Year's Eve in a couple of days, check out these random fun facts about this last (or first) celebration of the year...

The tradition of setting New Year's resolutions was started by the Babylonians. For them, the top resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment!

The new year didn't always begin on January 1, which had been established as the first day of the year by Julius Caesar. The new year celebration was originally observed at the beginning of spring by the Babylonians 4,000 years ago.

The most popular New Year's resolution in the United States today is to lose weight.

In Holland, people eat donuts on New Year's Day because the round shape symbolizes a full circle of life from one year to the next.

The first New Year's Eve ball in New York was 700 pounds, 5 feet in diameter, and made of wood and iron! The modern ball dropped is made from Waterford Crystal and weighs over 1,000 pounds!

Since its debut descent in 1907, the ball has dropped every year, except 2: in 1942 and 1943 because of wartime restrictions in New York City.

It is said that the first person you see in the new year will determine whether your year will be positive or negative.

"Auld Lang Syne", a song that is synonymous with New Year's Eve, was a Scottish poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. Translated, it means "long long ago".

Since Lady Gaga's tweet about her upcoming NYE announcement this past weekend, the top prediction of what it will be is the title of the first single on her new album Born this Way.

Cheers, BFF'ers! ;)
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Series: Best Videos of 2010, Part IV

Hey Biffles, in our last segment of BFF's Best Videos of 2010, check out our final picks for this year's video chart-toppers...

Human Pac-Man
Wonder how long this took to film!

The Manslator
Finally... guys will get it!

Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review
Google summarizes up the year using aggregate search data to illustrate the events, people, and stories that captured the world's attention. From the economic struggles that the world faced to the milestones surpassed, 2010 came and went. See what people searched for:

Who's excited for 2011! ;)
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Which Glee Song Defines Your Current Mood?

Since Glee Season 2 Volume 1 will be hitting the stores this coming January, let's take a look at the best Glee songs thus far. College Candy has put together "A Glee Song For Every Mood". Can you match the moods to the Glee performances on this list? 

When you're...
really excited about a new crush
getting ready for a night out
getting ready to take a fabulous trip
falling in love
sad about anything at all
pissed off
trying to fall asleep
feeling nostalgic
in the mood for… "love"

...listen to...
"Empire State of Mind"
"I Want to Hold Your Hand"
"Forget You"
"The Only Exception"
"Baby One More Time"
"Teenage Dream"
"Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me"
"I'm a Slave 4 U"

Check here for the complete list of mood/song pairs. What do you think: perfect Glee playlist for every mood, or do you have a better Glee song in mind? Sound off below and tell us your favorites! 

This proves that it is always the right time to GLEEK OUT! ;)
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve! Let's take a look at what Christmas is all about...

"Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOUR!"

Christmas isn't all fun and games for everyone!

Courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Duct Tape Christmas Tree Topper via Regretsy

Whatever your traditions, actor and comedian Bob Hope probably summed it up best: 
"My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?"
Happy holidays! ;)
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top Celeb Moment: Anne Hathaway Surprises P.S. 22 Chorus!

BFF's pick for the top celeb moment of the week goes to Anne Hathaway giving the kids of P.S. 22 Chorus a free trip to the Oscars! The Love and Other Drugs star, who will be hosting this year's 82nd Academy Awards with James Franco, surprised these talented kids after their winter concert: 

The P.S. 22 Chorus is known for their creative song covers, from Eminem's "Not Afraid" to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance":

Congrats to the P.S. 22 Chorus on their Oscar trip! Don't you love it when celebrities do nice things! ;)
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boutique to You

Hi Biffles! Only 3 more days until Christmas, and the shopping frenzy continues! Stores are so packed with crowds trying to get their last-minute shopping in that many have turned to online shopping instead of hitting the malls. Here's a great way to shop for the hottest trends for you and your BFF: Boutique to You

What sets this website apart is that you can shop by celebrity! From Blake Lively to Rachel Bilson (pictured below), a wide range of celebrity style is made easier to follow (and to recreate!) on Boutique to You!

Another awesome thing about Boutique to You is that it's a great place to get your BFF Bracelet!

Everyone at BFF is so excited for all of the support we are getting for the bracelet and our efforts to better connect people to our friends in the military! Happy shopping, BFF'ers!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Series: Best Videos of 2010, Part III!

We are continuing our Best Videos series this week with a few fun favorites.

'Glee' Teaches You How to Dougie
Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. (also known as the clueless cheerleader Brittany and smooth-dancing Mike of Glee) teaches fans how to dougie! Check out the original dance by Cali Swag District here, and see how Heather and Harry compare.

Bunnies in Cups
Yes, that is the full extent of the explanation. Not much really happens in this video; it is literally just bunnies. In cups. But they're SO cute! Watch out guys, these bunnies can be pretty addicting...

"Hope This Gets to You" by The Daylights
With the help of The Daylights, commercial director Walter C. May creates this innovative digital love letter for his girlfriend, Lex, who moved across the country for graduate school. His goal was to send this to her virally, and within a matter of days, it worked! And just when you thought the cuteness factor couldn't be any more intense after the "Bunnies in Cups" video above...

The year is almost over so catch our final installment of the Best Videos of 2010 next Tuesday! Remember, if you have a favorite video to share, feel free to add it in the comments section below, and your video could be chosen for our last feature! ;)
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet the Whiffenpoofs!

You may recognize this Yale acappella group from NBC's The Sing-Off. Well, we here at BFF are so excited to have gotten to know this group of amazingly talented singers and to share their support for the BFF bracelet initiative. We've invited Brennan from the Whiffenpoofs to do a guest blog feature today. Check it out:

The Whiffenpoofs are among Yale University's oldest traditions. Founded in 1909 by a group of Glee Club singers, the "Whiffs" have sung together ever since, counting among their ranks such artists as Cole Porter. The Whiffenpoofs are a unique institution: not only are they the oldest collegiate acappella group in the country, but the group is composed of all seniors, so the members change every single year. 

The Whiffenpoofs of 2011, this year's group, took advantage of the remarkable opportunity to appear on NBC's hit reality show, The Sing-Off. Filmed over the summer, the show launched us headfirst into our year as Whiffs, acting as what member Brennan Caldwell refers to as "acappella boot camp": "We filmed the show before we really knew each other. The weeks we spent in LA gave us a chance to learn about each other, musically and socially. It was key."

Now, almost halfway through our tenure as Whiffenpoofs, we can say without a doubt that we've formed lifelong friendships. Whether singing for elementary schools, or at the Lincoln Center for a pediatric AIDS benefit, or simply hanging out on campus, the Whiffs of 2011 are as much a group of brothers as a bunch of a cappella singers.

The Whiffs are proud to support the BFF Bracelet Program and wish our troops overseas comfort and joy this holiday season. We hope you enjoy this clip of "Silent Night"!

Happy holidays from BFF and The Whiffenpoofs!
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Nail Polish Trends

Fun nail polish is a great way to accessorize any party outfit and kick it up a notch! For this holiday season, try these awesome nail trends and stand out from the crowd

Try using a dark nail polish as a base coat and overlapping it with a sheer, sparkly color, like Merry Berry Mauve by O.P.I. Simple and pretty, this easy technique will show holiday spirit without going overboard.

Revel in the Christmas cheer with silver snowflakes on a glossy red base coat

Try this twist on a classic French manicure by adding a line of sparkly silver and a bold color on the tips!

Go for classic silver and gold sparkles or deep reds with this year's Sephora by O.P.I. Holiday Gem Collection

Add a little peppermint flavor with this nail design!

Whether you stick with classic sparkles or bold eye-catching acrylics, adding a little oomph! to your nail polish designs will be sure to bring that extra bit of holiday cheer to your next party. Stay fab, Biffles! ;)

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blogger Highlight: Awkward Family Photos

You're always guaranteed to encounter the dreaded family portrait during the holiday season! In the most extreme cases, your mom makes everyone wear matching Santa Claus sweaters and hold unnatural smiles for an hour while a melancholy photographer snaps photos. We all do it to make our families happy, but some take this a little too seriously.

Awkward Family Photos is one of our favorite humor blogs, especially during this time of year! You think YOUR family is strange...? Check these guys out!

Looks like not everyone is happy about pretending to be a human Christmas Tree... 

Um...? How does this make for a valid family portrait theme?

This family is a bit too enthusiastic about Christmas!
Have your own awkward family moment? Or just want to laugh at other people's? Head over to Awkward Family Photos, and remember, there's no place like home!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Help a Friend in An Abusive Relationship

According to College Candy, at least 32% of females have experienced an abusive relationship. Often times, people are scared to report their partner or tell their friends. Abusive relationships are difficult to deal with; you want to be there for your friend, but one tiny mistake could jeopardize your friendship and leave your friend in a dangerous situation that could potentially get worse. 

A great article by College Candy offers some helpful advice on how to go about this matter. These are some of the general tips:

Go directly to her first 
Take threats seriously
Stay away from drugs
Don’t be afraid to get professional help
Let her know she is not alone 
Be prepared to lose a friend

Check out the full article here. Remember that nobody don't has to go through this alone.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Series: Best Videos of 2010, Part II!

Continuing from last Tuesday's kick-off, BFF is highlighting the top videos of 2010! Hilarious, awe-inspiring, and totally cute, let's take a look at these Internet personalities who shot to fame this year...

Greyson Chance
This 6th-grade made girls his age swoon with his cover of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi at a school festival! Since then, he has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and became the first artist to sign with DeGeneres' new record label, eleveneleven.

The Rent is Too Damn High Party
Jimmy McMillan had a unique slogan when he ran for governor of New York this past October. He's not a Democrat or a Republican; he's part of the Rent is Too Damn High Party! Watch this Brooklyn, NY native dominate the New York Governor's Debate with his quirky statements!

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On
This adorable talking shell is the brainchild of director Dean Fleischer-Camp and Saturday Night Live's Jenny Slate, who in 2009 accidentally dropped the "F-bomb" during her SNL debut. Marcel the shell shares his life as a shell with shoes on in a melancholic underdog sort of way. But that's just what makes him so irresistibly cute!

Got a favorite video from 2010? Share it with us here at BFF, and YOU could be part our next "Best Videos" post! 'Til then ;)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Easy Holiday Dessert Recipes

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the food! Potlucks and get-togethers are always a great place to a variety of foods together. This season you can be in charge of desserts with these easy-to-make sweets... 

Dipped Chocolate Toffee Pretzels

They make a great light dessert and can also double for an appetizer. Head over to The Fresh Fridge for the recipe!

Holiday Wreath Pistachio Macaroons

Adorably festive for any Christmas party! Diamonds for Dessert has your recipe for decorative desserts!

Gingerbread House Mug Garnish

This recipe is a bit more complicated than the rest, but I couldn't resist! Gingerbread houses perched atop your mugs will definitely make them stand out! Fun idea from NotMartha.

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies

Always a classic holiday staple. Find the recipe at Bakers Royale!

Marcarpone Cheesecake with Cranberry Balsamic Glaze

The cranberry glaze on these mini cheesecakes will go with any holiday-themed decorations. Check it out at Phoo-d!

Indulge your sweet tooth and impress your friends with these gorgeous dessert creations! Happy baking (and eating!), Biffles!
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Celebs, Google, and Sesame Street in the Holiday Spirit for Blue Star Families!

The holiday season can admittedly be a pretty cheesy time of year - there are twenty different Santa Clauses strategically placed around town, some red and green reindeer sweater that you are required to wear, and the dreaded fruit basket that somebody always sends! But the great thing about this time of the year is not the decorations or the presents (well, the presents help A LOT!), but rather it's the kindhearted, cheerful spirit that seems to take over. I start to notice all the wonderful things that people do to help each other out, and that's something you can't buy on Black Friday!

So BFF is dedicating today's post to a wonderful organization, Blue Star Families. Started by military families for military families, BSF strives to build a network of support and empowerment. With 70 chapters across the country, their programs like Operation Appreciation and Books on Bases, Smiles on Faces are helping to improve the lives of those affected by war. 

Check out some recent initiatives with Blue Star Families:

"Gulliver's Travels" co-stars Jack Black and Jason Segal have teamed up to record this remake of the 1977 holiday mash-up of "Peace on Earth" and "Little Drummer Boy" by David Bowie and Bing Crosby. Proceeds from sales will go to Blue Star Families.

Sesame Street partners with Google to help families stay connected. Google is offering complimentary $10 call cards to families of members of the U.S. armed forces who are registered with Blue Star Families or Sesame Street Family Connections (their social network for military families) and sign up between now and December 22.

Supporting military families has even become a top Presidential directive led by Michelle Obama!

It's unfortunate that not everyone can be home for the holidays. But we can all try to help out by showing our unconditional support! A little bit goes a long way. And don't forget BFF's initiative to connect people with friends in the armed forces, our BFF bracelet!

Family, presents, and embracing the season of giving ... gotta love the holidays!
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blogger Highlight: TasteSpotting

Have you ever been to a restaurant and felt the urge to take pictures of their prettiest dishes? Well, TasteSpotting is a blog devoted entirely to gorgeous food! Run by Sarah J. Gim and Jennifer Bartoli, TasteSpotting is a visual feast of decadent, eye-catching culinary creations. Each image is accompanied by a recipe so you too can not only admire, but also recreate these beautiful dishes. TasteSpotting is built upon the idea that "we first eat with our eyes," and these dishes will, without a doubt, get your tastebuds going! Here are some of our favorites here at BFF...

Pistachio Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chick pea and zucchini salad

Milk Chocolate Almond Macaroons

Marinated Skirt Steak

Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Bars
Gorg!! Check out TasteSpotting, Biffles!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fun Winter Break Ideas

Winter Break is just around the corner, but has it left you wondering what you can do with all that free time? Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

Rediscover the Great Outdoors
After being cooped up in dorms rooms and lecture halls all semester, try spending some time outdoors (when it's not freezing). We spend so much time indoors in front of electronics that it's refreshing to disconnect once in awhile. So make it a habit to turn off the Xbox and put away your iPad. Instead, plan a ski trip with some friends, go camping, or simply spend an afternoon in the park.

Volunteer Abroad
There are many volunteering opportunities in many countries around the world, and with all this time off, this may be the perfect chance to help out a community in need. Organizations like Volunteer International can help you find the program for you! (Pictured below: a pre-med student worked in a hospital in Cape Coast, Ghana) And of course, volunteering in your local communities is always a great alternative to planning a whole trip abroad.

Pick Up A Random New Hobby
Is there something that you've always wanted to learn but never had the time for? Well, here's the perfect opportunity! Pick up flamenco moves for your next girls' night out, master Adobe Photoshop to touch up your Facebook photos, or build your sushi making skills (like the Sushi 101 class pictured below that's hosted by the Genji Sushi Bar in Newton, Massachusetts). Point is, there are a ton of free and affordable classes in virtually every skill out there. Novel and handy to know, a random hobby would make an awesome conversation starter!

Catch up with a TV Marathon
Winter break is a great opportunity to make your Netflix subscription worth the money! Catch up on the TV shows that you missed out on during the rest of the year. There's a plus to not following the TV season - instead of waiting a week for each episode, you get to see the whole story back-to-back! So dive into Season One Glee or The Office's Overtime: Digital Shorts Collection, which both came out on DVD this past November. And if you don't have a Netflix account, try streaming online with Hulu!

Explore Your Local Neighborhood
One of the best things about going home for break is that you get to see all of your hometown friends in one place. Gather your BFF(s), and check out a new part of your local town. Tools, like PlanJam, help you and your friends figure out something fun to do!

Can't wait for winter break! Tell us what some of you guys like to do over break! ;)
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