Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hey BFF Fans!

Loved the cool prizes we had on BFF? Well now is the time for YOU to win some. We here at BFF are truly appreciative of our fans from all over, so we decided to present you with something fun to do, all while possibly winning an uber awesome prize.

Today’s prize is the ULTIMATE Smashbox Swag Bag – which contains the prestigious make up line developed by the artists of Smashbox studios! A FAB prize for any fashionista out there!

RULES: With each contest, we will post up a number of questions pertaining to BFF Season 2. Answer these questions correctly and 2 lucky winners with the most points will be chosen at random to get their prize! All answers are to be sent to: BY 6 PM EASTERN TIME! So hurry up and send in your answers! These Smashbox Swag Bags won’t be waiting here long!

Need a little help? Go to the icon at the top, titled “The Show” to have access to all of the episodes of BFF Season 2.



  • In Episode 7, what is the FIRST prize the contestants have a shot at winning if they get 3 answers correct?
  • What is in the background of Dan and Jon from Episode 8, as they REVEAL their answers for the “Who Knew” challenge?
  • On Episode 10, with Sean & Ariana, what is a choice Ariana DID NOT pick as the answer from the BFF App “What always makes Sean laugh”?
  • On Episode 4, what did host Jake Hurwitz offer Grace and Michelle as a prize, in addition to the Ingenious Makeup from Laura Gellar and the $100 gift certificate from Yumi Kim?

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Celebrity Wednesday!

Here on BFF we celebrate everything that ties Best Friends, and what couldn’t be better than showcasing every week, our favorite celeb BFFs! Celebrities are constantly in the limelight and it’s obvious that they need that one person they can lean on, which brings us to this week’s fave pair (actually we mean trio) of Celeb BFFS:

The Kardashian Sisters

These gals didn't have to be introduced or meet up with one another to become BFFS. Instead, they lived in the same house and grew up together! That's the benefits of having a sister (or two). It's almost like an instant Best Friend (who you'll never be able to get rid of =D). These sisters give the true definition of a BFF: someone who is there for you through thick and thin, and is willing to make fun of you as you get through it. No longer do you and your BFF have to feel like you're the only ones who are weird and whacky. The Kardashian sisters have paved the way for ya.

BTW, don't forget to check out Episode 11 of BFF, here.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Nicole ... is a site dedicated to everything for the teenage girl. From music, fashion, and advice, it’s no wonder that we found this site to be a girl’s true sanctuary. Within the site there is an anonymous advice column called Dear Nicole. It’s a place where you can reach out for a bit of advice or a little direction. We all know life has its little (or maybe huge) complications. That is why we here at BFF decided to team up with TD to present you with, “Dear Nicole”:

The Guy I Like is the BIGGEST Flirt!

Q. Dear Nicole,
There is this guy I really like but he is the biggest flirt ever. He comes up to me and tells me to kiss him on the cheek and we're always sitting together. He always hugs up on me, but I'm not really sure if he really likes me, or if it's just normal to him. Please help me! - Maybe Flirting with Disaster

A. Glad you can see that you may be flirting with disaster. Try to see if you notice his behavior with other girls. Is he just as flirtatious? I imagine he is or you wouldn’t have labeled him “the biggest flirt ever” (that’s a pretty big flirt). Anyway, I would chill and see how he approaches things. If he is really feeling you then he needs to show you something above and beyond what he’s giving other girls. At the end of the day, all of those hugs and kisses on the cheek (you kiss him on the cheek, huh? ~ he needs to be asking you for the honor!) may be his way of just getting to get a ‘free feel’. Just a thought and I hope this helps!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Music Mondays! - Jess Furman

New York native Jess Furman could sing before she could walk and jam out on the keyboard before her feet could touch the floor while sitting at the piano bench. After having been caught red-handed with her father’s prized guitar which she would sneak down to the basement to play when no one was looking, Jess received the best gift a girl could ask for - her very own hand-me-down guitar. The neck swiveled from a loose bolt and the strings were a bit rusty, but in no time at all this natural singer/songwriter was entertaining friends with Beatles parodies and kick-ass Ani Difranco riffs.
From the sidewalks of suburbia to New York City curbs and venues such as CBGBs Gallery, The Cutting Room, The Bitter End and Arlene’s Grocery, Jess Furman has been tearing up the stage for years with an act that ranges from complex acoustic guitar riffs accompanied by fast-paced lyrics to soulful piano ballads with a hint of jazzy vocal undertones.

Jess is so amazingly talented, that she wrote and performed our BFF theme song, "Count on Me". She's also been noticed as one of the best "Girls Night" song of all time from Girlfriend Celebrations.

For more info on Jess, check out her website: and don't forget, a new episode of BFF (with Jess' theme song) will be airing tomorrow on: MySpace/bff.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

BFF Love

Got one of these? :

Then be sure to add us :
(even though we should of been friends already but its OKAY, we forgive you =].)

Once you add us, you'll be entered to win one of our way-too-cool BFF Tees:

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

BFF Episode 10 : Sean & Ariana

They bond over style and fashion, but do they have what it takes to win the GRAND PRIZE? : A free trip to Europe courtesy of Icelandair!

Love what you see? Watch more episodes above, on the icon labeled "the show".

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion Fridays!

We here at BFF LOVE fashion and we also love supporting a good cause. So when we see the two come together, we know it’s something worthy to share. “Friends for Fashion” is the title that immediately caught our eyes. As we put BFF Episode 9 on pause (shameless plug), we decided to venture through the website to see what it was about.

FFFFriends for Fashion is a charitable organization, founded in 2003, that dedicates their time to victims of domestic abuse. Since then, the charity has funded over $25,000 in donations. Wow!

How they work: In order to raise money, they collect brand name clothing from retail stores or personal donors and place it on Ebay to sell. Their items range from women, men, and children and they sell their items all over the U.S. as well as Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Proceeds from each sale are placed in a fund to be distributed to the victims in the form of gift cards to local stores. Thus, the women are afforded the opportunity to purchase new clothing for themselves and their children as they begin their lives anew.”

We KNOW you have tons of clothes (some with the price tags still on them) collecting dust in your closet. Why not make it a day with your BFF to rummage through both of your closets and donate to a good cause?

For more information on this organization and their work, check out their official website @ :

And don’t forget to check out a brand new episode of BFF, live on


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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend Guide

Today's post comes from special guest, Melissa Klein, a contributor for Her idea is something we're sure all of you fashionistas would LOVE, and it's still budget friendly so you won't have to break the bank! Check it out yourselves:

Sex & the City Move In Celebration!

This past May my best friend Leora and I graduated college. A few months later she’s just started a great job and landed herself a gorgeous NYC apartment, while I’ve decided to finish up my schooling all together and go for my Master’s. With all the hard work we’ve been doing, I realized how little down time we have to enjoy each other’s company.

My biffle and I need a break from the hustle and bustle of adult living, so I decided that this weekend, work can wait while we take advantage of her new pad and host a apartment warming cocktail party. I’m inviting a few of our closest friends for finger foods galore, delicious girly drinks and a date with the 4 best gal pals ever - Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

This weekend’s bash takes its inspiration from mine and my BFF’s favorite TV show - Sex and the City! We’re anticipating the sequel to last year’s hit movie and I thought, what better way to unwind than with our favorite fictional gal pals? has an awesome article that offers drink recipes based off the show’s characters. From the classic cosmo to a chocolatini inspired by Charlotte, there’s something for everyone. We’re kicking back and playing the show’s trivia game as we sip our cocktails. The night ends with the Sex & the City movie and a sweet treat! I’m whippin’ up some pink lemonade cupcakes we can indulge in as we watch the girls on the big screen.

A girls night with the biffle never needs a reason, so this weekend host a similar bash with your friends.

Tidbits on Melissa : A native New Yorker and aspiring writer, Melissa currently attends Pace University where she is working towards her Masters degree in Publishing. When she isn't at school, Melissa enjoys cooking for friends and family, hosting parties for any reason, and dancing the night away. For more articles by Melissa, visit her: Profile.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Celebrity Wednesday!

Here on BFF we celebrate everything that ties Best Friends, and what couldn’t be better than showcasing every week, our favorite celeb BFFs! Celebrities are constantly in the limelight and it’s obvious that they need that one person they can lean on, which brings us to this week’s favorite pair of Celeb BFFS:

Jay-Z & Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith

Wait … what? Ty Ty? WHO IS TY TY?

If you’re a Jay-Z fan then you’ve heard of Ty Ty before. Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith has become a household name in hip-hop by being the best buddy of rapper Jay-Z. No Ty Ty isn’t a rapper, but Mr. Carter has been shouting out praise for Ty Ty since his Reasonable Doubt album. In honor of these 2 best buds, we’ve decided to showcase some of the lyrical references Jay makes to his BFF:

Can’t stop I, from drinkin Mai Tais, with Ty Ty/Down in Nevada, ha ha, poppa, word life” - “Dead Presidents II” from Reasonable Doubt (1996)

And they was havin a lil’ trouble with the pool…You and Ty Ty was laughin’…Emory was there, what up Emory? What up Ty?” - “My 1st Song” from The Black Album (2003)

“And I brought my boys with me, say what up to Ty Ty/Still sippin’ Mai Tais, sitting courtside/Knicks and Nets give me high fives…” - “Empire State of Mind” from The Blueprint 3 (2009)

And don’t forget to check out a new episode of BFF on :


Image Courtesy of :

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Nicole ... is a site dedicated to everything for the teenage girl. From music, fashion, and advice, it’s no wonder that we found this site to be a girl’s true sanctuary. Within the site there is an anonymous advice column called Dear Nicole. It’s a place where you can reach out for a bit of advice or a little direction. We all know life has its little (or maybe huge) complications. That is why we here at BFF decided to team up with TD to present you with, “Dear Nicole”:


Q. Dear Nicole,

I have never wrote to anyone like this so it’s a little weird. My problem is that I recently got a boyfriend and he is a really nice guy and we have been together for a month but now I feel like I don’t like him anymore and I don’t know what to tell him.

A. As hard as it is, you’re going to have to be honest with him. There is nothing worse than holding onto feelings or emotions. In the end, they will come out just not in the way you planned. So, instead of prolonging hurt feelings, you might as well talk to your bf about your feelings. Be honest but still empathetic. Then let him heal. Don’t do the ‘on and off’ thing because that may only give him false hope. Be a big girl (I mean young lady) and let him know the truth. You can do it! Hope this helps!


* Don't forget, a new episode of BFF is up LIVE on Be sure to check it out.


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Monday, September 21, 2009

Music Mondays! - Meatloaf Brings 2 Best Buds 2gether

We here at BFF ran into Episode 8 contestants, Dan & Jon. As we were talking to them, Dan mentioned how the artist Meat Loaf strengthened him and Jon's friendship. See below what Dan had to say:

"Jon and I have always bonded over Meat Loaf; particularly a song entitled 'More Than You Deserve' which actually mentions best friends. It tells a tale that is reminiscent of a rough patch in our friendship that we have since overcome. Jon and I have been to countless Meat Loaf concerts together; he has been to ZERO Lady Gaga concerts [ yet he still claims that she is his favorite artist ]. If Meat Loaf had a video in this year's VMAs he would have won in every catagory, sorry T Swift."

You can catch the song Dan is talking about, below:

And be sure to catch a BRAND NEW EPISODE of BFF tomorrow @ :

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Focusing on the Positive

Thanks to, we've decided to share this event with you guys. Not only can you rock out, but you'll be helping out a great cause as well. See info below:

Join celebs like Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Joel and Benji Madden, Miley Cyrus, and One Republic to rock a little bit, and feed a lot of people. The mega-celebs are coming together for a concert, appropriately named “Rock a Little, Feed A Lot,” at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on Tuesday September 29th (there are still some tix on sale on Ticketmaster!). The “concert for hunger-free America” will benefit Feeding America and raise awareness about hunger in the U.S., which hits especially hard during the winter months.

Join the stars for this rockin evening, then find more ways you can battle hunger in your community.

Grab your BFF and go out and do something!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some Way-Too-Cool Stuff

Looking for THE perfect Birthday gift for your BFF? Well look no further!
The BFF Store has got what you need to make your BFF's day super special. Check out some of our items below:

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Fridays!

Style Investigation : Lady Gaga -- Fashion Icon or Fashion Criminal?

Lady Gaga has been known to wow the crowds of both fashionistas and fashion police everwhere since she first stepped onto the music scene. Known for donning outlandish and sometimes microscopic attire, the native New Yorker proves she definitely has an eye for style. The singer herself sees it as all part of the same package, swearing to MTV that when she's writing her music she's thinking about what clothes to wear on stage. "Fashion is everything ... I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of us."

Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi said Gaga's debut at the 2009 VMAs has her poised to join some of the greatest women in pop music. "I actually love her," he said. "I think there have been these moments in the canon of fashion history and music history that have been very important and are marked by Cher, Madonna and now Lady Gaga. I think the all-white one [from her VMA performance] is interesting. It's kind of a modern-day version of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' [look]."

Her style is, indeed, very different from many celebrities out there, but what do you guys think? Is Lady Gaga a Fashion Icon or Fashion Criminal? Post your thoughts down below.

BTW, a new episode of BFF is up live on!


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekend Guide

One of our BFF fans asked what could she throw for her and her friends, to just hang out, gossip, and relax? After doing some research we came to one solution: At Home Spa Party. An At Home Spa Party is a chic way to spend quality time with the girls without breaking a budget. offered these amazing tid-bits on how you can run a successful At Home Spa Party:

The most important element to a successful at-home spa party lies in the beauty treatments. Set up individual stations with comfortable seating, clear work surfaces and easy-to-view mirrors. Make sure you have four basic stations ready to go, then add others as budget and time allows.

  • hair
  • skin
  • make up
  • manicure/pedicure

Stock each one with a variety of products (collect free samples or buy trial sizes to save money) and directions on treatments or makeup applications.

If your budget allows, consider bringing in a mobile spa to take care of all the details and beauty treatments for you.

There is no need for a sit-down dinner during an at-home spa party, but do plan to serve a variety of finger foods and bite-sized treats like these:

  • turkey/ham roll ups
  • chips & dip
  • fruit
  • mini cheesecakes
  • mini pastries

Once the party gets started, everyone will be busy indulging in spa treatments. Serve appetizers as guests arrive and mingle, then save the desserts for the end. By serving appetizers, food stays separate from beauty products so you can concentrate on getting the most out of each spa treatment without worrying about accidents.

Of course, drinks should be available throughout the night; and cosmopolitans are the perfect drinks for girl’s night out. Add pink daiquiris and chocolate martinis to create a tempting selection of girl cocktails. For a non-alcoholic option, try fruity sodas in old-fashioned glass bottles.

As you and your girlfriends wait for nail polish to dry, face masks to set, and deep conditioner to soak in, you might want something to keep you entertained.

A stack of gossip and fashion magazines encourages chit-chat for an ultimate girls' night out. 

After the pampering is complete, settle down with one of these classic chick flicks.

Another idea is that you and your Gal Pals can also catch up on all of your favorite BFF episodes @ : A new episode will air live tomorrow so be sure to check it out!



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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We interrupt our regularly scheduled bloggin' for this:

In celebrating his birthday, we bring to all of you some of the TOP sites out there
dedicated to Nick Jonas. Enjoy! :

Got some more sites you want to see us? Throw us a comment below!

And don't forget, a brand new episode of BFF is airing now on!
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Celebrity Wednesday!

Here on BFF we celebrate everything that ties Best Friends, and what couldn’t be better than showcasing every week, our favorite celeb BFFs! Celebrities are constantly in the limelight and it’s obvious that they need that one person they can lean on, which brings us to this week’s fave pair of Celeb BFFS:

Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux

M & M (haha we kill ourselves with our jokes!) met when Mandy Jiroux was hired as a backup dancer for Miley. They were spending so much time together while on tour that it’s no wonder that these two ended up being best buds! [It wasn't] until the last Best of Both Worlds tour when we started becoming really close. She was going through a rough breakup [with Nick]. And I was going through a difficult time with a friend. So we just kind of like found one another and just became best friends,” Mandy says.

In February, these BFFS created what is called “The Miley and Mandy Show”. These videos were uploaded onto YouTube and mostly showcased Miley and Mandy hanging out at home, traveling together, or just goofing off. These gals then ventured out and created a line of bracelets together with Jack Vanek. The bracelets read “Doo Da Doo Life Is Good” and are available on

Speaking of BFFS, a BRAND NEW episode of BFF is now up @ Be sure to check it out!


Source: Google Image

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Your Ex? Or Her Ex?

As we were digging through our e-mails to answer for our advice post, we stumbled upon a site titled Teen Diaries Online. The site offers tidbits and advice for teens on numerous topics. On their website, they have their very own advice column titled “Dear Nicole”. From the situations we came across there was a question that seemed very interesting and might be a situation you or someone you know might have been through. It was such a thought-provoking topic, that we decided to repost it. Hope you guys enjoy! Be sure to comment below and tell us what you think:

DEAR NICOLE: I Think I Want My Ex Back!

Q: Dear Nicole, I like this boy but I’m too scared to tell him. He just broke up with his girlfriend (which is my best friend) and we tried going out once before but it didn’t work out. I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused. I really do like him but I’m also really scared to tell him. So what should I do?

A: I guess I’m stuck at this part… “he just broke up with his girlfriend which is my best friend”? So you and your friends swap boyfriends like that? It just seems like going back to someone who has dated your friend and that you’ve dated unsuccessfully before is just a bad idea. There are tooooo many guys out there, pick someone else! Hope this helps!


We totally agree. STAY AWAY FROM ANYONE YOUR BFF HAS DATED! It's unchartered territory and might negatively affect your friendship.

BTW, be sure to check out the brand new episode of BFF on :


Source: Google Image

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Music Mondays - BFF Beats

On Music Mondays, we here at BFF introduce you to up and coming artists and new songs we believe to be play-worthy. Today we decided to take things in a slightly different direction. What many of you don’t know is that on our site, BFFs from all over had the opportunity to make what we call “BFF Beats”. They had the ability to choose their own beat (from a selection that we offered) and made their own video. Check out what some of our former contestants made on BFF beats:

For more BFF beats videos, check out:
And also be reminded a new episode of BFF will be premiering tomorrow @

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dave and Ethan


Boy do we have a treat for you. Dave and Ethan, two studs from Episode 5, are currently looking for a pair of amazing females to have a double date with. But before you femme fatales jump the gun, here’s something Dave and Ethan posted on our blog that we’d like to call “The History of Dave, Ethan, and Double Dating :

Dave and I have known each other since the 7th grade, throughout which we attended many a Bar Mitzvah together. In fact, we actually went on our very first double date at the age of 13, as our two girlfriends at the time were best friends. My dad drove us all to the Roosevelt Field mall on Long Island, where we dined at Cheesecake Factory and watched the movie Seven. Needless to say, this was not the best first date film for a pair of pubescent boys who only wanted to know what boobs felt like.

Our second double date was on Valentine's Day in 10th grade (by that time I was dating Dave's 7th grade ex-girlfriend. She was considered the "teacher" in our school). By preparing a romantic meal of buttered noodles and raspberry Snapple iced tea, we were able to cash in much more successfully this time around.

Despite heading to different colleges after graduating high school, Dave and I stayed in touch, and in March of 2008, we finally decided to give double dating another shot. We posted an ad on Craigslist, directing viewers to a video we had made on YouTube in which we invited girls to double date us (the "Intro to Dave and Ethan" video at Since then, we've gotten emails from over 1500 pairs of women, and have gone on close to 200 double dates.

We continued to chart our dating experiences in our video blog on YouTube, which eventually led to a bi-weekly live comedy show at the People's Improv Theater. The show was so successful, that we decided to take it on the road to colleges across the nation. Most recently, we have performed at schools such as Dartmouth College, Florida Atlantic University, Boston University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Despite all of our dating, we are still looking for love and accepting date requests at Email us if you're interested!

-Dave and Ethan

And there you have it. To see Dave & Ethan’s episode and today’s live episode, be sure to check out:


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